Monday, April 7, 2008

Name the Lane

This is a portion of the lane between the two pastures. The north pasture is in the distance, behind the CowNots. We need to name this lane...because I'm squirrelly enough to do something like that.

I'd like it to have a name which could have come from the mind of Anne Shirley. To think of a name that lavish and lyrical, you're going to have to imagine leaves on the trees, because it's just not that warm here yet, and I'm too impatient to wait for the leaves. As long as you're imagining things, you can put some flowers in the lane too. There won't ever be any, but you need to think beautiful, if you're going to have Anne Shirley thoughts.

Let me help ya out here...

Better? Even the dandelions help, don't they. There could be a butterfly in the lane someday.

I've given you a lot of help here with your task. I'm a good helper. Now put your thinking caps on, and use the comments box to name that lane.

And thank you.

The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever. ~Isaiah 40:8


Cousin Annie said...

Hmmmmm.....CowNot Corridor?? That's not very pretty though......I'll keep thinkin'!

Son3 said...

Lavish Lane.

Cousin Annie said...

I like Lavish Lane! Here's a couple more I came up with:
Butterfly Blvd.
Avonlea Ave.
Rainbow Valley Road

G I Crow said...

Tall Cedar Trace

Lacey said...

Path of Least Resistance

Acreage Admittance

Pasture Passage

Road H

Road Gee-This-Is-Purdy

Kensington Way

Lea Lane
Lea –noun
1. a tract of open ground, esp. grassland; meadow.

Hot Trot to the Cownot Lot

Meadow Muffin Way

Two-Toed Road

Willie Way
(since everyone in the neighborhood is claiming he's their babydaddy, maybe he deserves a little recognition)

Grass Pass

Fresh Express
(a brand of salad mix)

Kate said...

How can anyone suggest names after Lacey? :)

Cousin Annie said...

Yeah, Kate, just what I was thinking!! Lacey, you're pretty come by it naturally, I'm sure. Some of those names really tickled me! :)