Thursday, July 3, 2008

Great Pets


"Bob in his new raincoat. He doesn't like the rain, but he doesn't like his raincoat either...could you tell?"








"Doesn't her stance just scream 'pure bred'?"




"Roxxie (Miss Blarr) just had her first birthday. My friend's dad found her on the side of the road over 10 months ago. I adopted her not much later. We changed her name from Roxxie to Miss Blarr when she was just a few months old because of the distinct "Blarrrrrrrr" noise she makes when she wants attention. She loves snow, making new friends, and peanut butter. Since Miss Blarr started living with us she's chewed up 3 video games, 4 pairs of shoes, and the coffee table. But look at her face...she's just perfect!"


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Cousin Annie said...

I can't play the contest!! I try to register & it tells me my "username address is already registered. Please try another username." I've tried all sorts of things, but I can't even create a new account. Any ideas???

~CarolineNot said...

If there's any chance you could have registered in the past, and if they have a lost password utility, you might poke that and see what they send you in email.

Depending on just how badly you want to do the quiz, I reckon you could open a gmail or yahoo email account (if you have neither) and use that as your email address for signing up. Sounds like a lot of work to me.

Keep me posted on how it's going. Maybe someone else will have a better idea.