Friday, January 16, 2009

Favorite Thing - Jigsaw Puzzles

I used to do only the artwork of Charles Wysocki.  When, over a period of several years, I'd exhausted his offerings, I switched to Hometown puzzles for a while.  Although his paintings are beautiful, they're not my favorite in jigsaw puzzles, but I enjoyed a collection of 10 Thomas Kincaid puzzles my brother bought for me.  Now I've discovered the artist Roger Nannini and am hooked on his puzzle offerings.  His artistry is similar to Wysocki's, but I can tell you it's a whale of a lot easier to identify and piece Nannini's trees, and I'm all about easy.  A girl just doesn't want her puzzle play to be ... work.  And he's keen on chickens, inserting some in each painting.  I'm keen on chickens too.

These most recent acquisitions came in tins.  Ah, tins.  Now, I'm not one to glue together a puzzle and decorate my house with it, but I'm heartin' those tins so much, that I may allow them to lolligag in the living room for a spell.

Favorite thing — Jigsaw Puzzles

There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.  ~Hebrews 4:9


KT said...

Caroline, stumbled across your site> seem as though you like Kinkade and the Nannini stuff (the tins are great), thought I'd suggest trying more Ceaco puzzles. They make those and you may all like their Jane Wooster Scott stuff, Made in America and America Harvest series. Very similar to Nannini. Myself I like Larry fanning and Bev Doolittle at the moment and Nostalgia themes by Sunsout...Phew sorry but thought I would share my tips with a fellow puzzler >Good luck and enjoy.

~CarolineNot said...

KT, thanks so much for sharing the names of other artists I may enjoy in puzzle form. Ü