Thursday, October 2, 2008

Not My Favorite - This Corn

There's a scary lack of stop or yield signs in CowAre and CowNot country. And I'm going to take you on a little driving tour, to illustrate why this corn is not my favorite thing.

[All images pokable for enlargement...if you're all about gravel roads.]

You gotta get your bearings, so you'll know where you're going. You've been to town and wreaked all the shopping havoc you can. Now you're going home, which is behind the trees in the distant left. That seeming hedge in the right foreground is actually said unloved corn. (I hope I'm not on the road when a bird lands on that wanky power pole on the left, 'cause that thing's goin' down!)

We'll get a closer look at the brown, dusty eyesore. Booo.

Now, who wants to look at that mess on their way home?

This, however, is the sight as I approach the same intersection on the rare occasions that I decide to leave home and wreak some shopping havoc. We're leaving home now:

You're thinking,
"Well now, that's kinda nice. The morning sun is dancing across the treetops. The gravel looks pastorally pristine. Power poles are whispering infinity, and prairie grasses paint the landscape."


You better stop, because you have no idea whether or not someone is flying down that intersecting road, about to smack the dickens out of you if you go any farther. Further. Farther. Where's Strunk when you need him? Or a crossing guard? Or a yield sign? Don't go far or fur, because you CAIN'T SEE. You cain't see anything but brown, dusty corn.

Bring on the harvest.
Not my favorite -- this corn.

Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee. ~Psalm 63:3

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