Wednesday, October 29, 2008

From the Comments Box

Cousin Annie said...
And, CarolineNot, don't be jealous of me getting a new computer while you struggle along with your old one. Sure wish you'd get this page fixed. teehee (Ü)

CarolineNot said...
For real? Is the page a mess? *L* I know it's busy, and that kinda makes me twitch, but is it a mess on your monitor (other than being tasteless; *snort*)?

Cousin Annie said...
OOPS!! I didn't mean to insult you about your blog page. Maybe it's supposed to be this way??? The border runs off the sides of the page on my screen. I see what I've determined is parts of leaves & the comical chicken sitting on her nest. But I only see like the tip of her tail & a tiny bit of straw; leaf halves, etc. Other than that, it's great!!! :\

Oh yeah, sure, Cousin Annie. I decorated here with severed leaves, a chicken tail, and bits of straw. It's ready for the cover of Better Homes & Gardens. Why, smack my paintbrush and call me Martha!

Those camera batteries which were taunting me the other day croaked without a lick of warning. Otherwise, I could snap a shot of my screen and post it here, so we could figure this thing out. What I think I'll do, instead, is shop together the elements from my graphics, reduce the image, and set that here. If anyone or everyone is seeing something else, I can try to figure out what to do about it. Can't be havin' a piggledy bloghouse.

So other than the fact that those chickens are a little bit higher on the page when it loads, and they remain static while the center scrolls, that's what on my monitor.

Is that what's on YOURS? ºÜº
(Not yours, Dear Cousin Annie -- we already know you're the page is a mess in your world.) *grinning, ducking, & running*

aka MarthaNot

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. ~Romans 8:28


zoomer1 said...

Hmmm. All the elements are in the right place on my screen, but I was surprised to see you call the text area pale green. On second look, I guess you're right, but all this time I've been thinking it's beige. Looks good in both colors, though. :o)

Cousin Annie said...

PLLLLBBBBB!!!! :P Yes, it's still a mess "in my world"!! At least Zoomer can see the text area looks beige. Thanks, Zoomer! At least I know I'm not totally nuts!!

I wish I could figure out why mine looks like it does, 'cause the way it's supposed to look is much better. Maybe when I get my new 17" LCD monitor, it will stretch it out...HA! But don't you worry about it, CarolineNot, I'll manage here in "my world". ;)

~CarolineNot said...

Wow, I might be able to turn this one into a month of blogposts. I'm thinkin' about it.

Just listen to you, Annie, all tootin' your horn about a 17" monitor. Are ya blind or somethin'? I wonder if you're currently on the monitor which was threatening to croak months ago. That may be the problem. Loo said she's seeing what I'm seeing. And Zoomer is seeing it. And everyone is apparently seeing it, 'ceptin' you, Missy.

All jesting aside, I take it your computer builder finally made himself available, and your machine is in the works. Very cool. Drop me a note about the expected delivery date. Ü

Morgan said...

Your blog looks just fine to me, and the chickens are in about the middle...I guess I really don't scrutinize peoples'blogs. I love the pictures on the sides, and I think it looks great!