Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pears - s.c.a.r.y

We picked a fourth of the pears and, as a result, have about 250# of fruit ripening in our living room and on the front porch. Were it not for the ones which provided sustenance for the pickers and others which burst upon falling to the ground or bouncing off of ladder rungs, the numbers would be greater. Every yelp heard provided confirmation that another pear had survived the fall from a great height by ricocheting off a picker's body before it hit the ground. Pear-pickin' is downright dangerous. Thoughts of forthcoming, Biblical hailstorms were skittering about in my mind.

Although we've previously discussed my rusty math skills, this poundage is easy enough to calculate: We have nigh-on half a ton of pears, three-quarters of which are still dangling from the trees.

Allowing for weight loss in coring and peeling, I reckon I may be facing upwards of six or seven hundred pounds of processed pears. Therefore, I am now accepting contributions (check or money order) to The 2008 Pear Fund, said monies being collected for the purchase of 4,000 canning jars and a room addition. Thank you and amen

I the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings. ~Jeremiah 17:10


Cousin Annie said...

You lose weight when coring & peeling pears????

Morgan said...

Woa..that's a lot of pears!!! My great aunt used to make pear preserves, and I remember them to this day. She is from Texas and Oklahoma, and she is about...let's see...I think 86 or so. Unfortunately she is now in a home and cannot make pear preserves, but boy I sure did love them. Used to eat them right out of the jar.

So you're thinking it will take about 4,000 jars to can all of it??? That's a lot of jars for a lot of pears. I'm glad you got a good crop, but that will take a lot of work.
I hope you have a great day!!! :)

~CarolineNot said...

Annie, our shared genes are rearing their heads, because when I checked this post this morning -- which I'd written and set for deferred publishing -- I noticed the weight loss thing and thought I should have made a play on the pears, and not I, losing weight. Would that paring pears did provide parer's weight loss. You reckon my arms may get all buff or something though? *snort*

Morgan, what a precious memory of your g-aunt's pear preserves, and you've inspired me to search further for pear recipes, having come upon one for pear butter I intend to make. My peach preserves are actually a concoction of chosen and blended butter and preserves recipes, so that they just are what they are. Ü

I grabbed a number out of the air, when I cited 4,000 jars, which, of course, ain't gonna happen. I admit, I don't know what will happen with all those pears, but I'm on my way to W*M to buy some number of extra jars, because those fruits are turning yellow as I type. Yikes!