Saturday, June 7, 2008

Calling All Pets

Since I'm all about photos, and because BobDog has been getting press here again recently (don't forget to vote for Bob, #4, every day this month), I think it would be loads of fun to see other readers' pets: Dozer, Buttercup, Soda, Little Girl, Mouse, Lyric, Olive, Bob, and others whose names or very beings I can't remember or don't even know exist.

Now if you're tending a zoo, let's limit the number of photos per person to 3. And while I'd like to be able to post the results within a couple of weeks, I'll give it three, just in case I wind up having to beg or threaten anyone in order to get them to play; you know I'm not above doing either. If you'd like to write something about your pets, by all means do so, and I'll post that with the photos.

If your pet is awfully ugly, don't be ashamed or worried, because we won't be doing any voting. [BobDog's shown us where to go for that pleasure.] Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so a Cabbage Patch Cat will be loved by one and all anyway. Having said that, I hope none of you own a hairless critter which is supposed to have hair, because I'm just not about lying, and you'll put me in an awful predicament, trying to think of something nice to say.

She has too much time on her hands, you say. No, but her hands would rather type right now than sew, and there are two huge rectangles of spandex waiting to become swimwear; what would you do? I've RUN FOR THE HILLS! OR THE COMPUTER! OR A NAP!

Email your photos, if you will. And when I think they're all in, I'll do a whoppin' big GREAT PETS post. If you want to join in and don't have my email address, say so in the comments section, and I'll add an address there.

Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them. ~Psalms 119:165

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