Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Dinnertime! (BeansNot)

Barack Obama (1/18/09) — "Millions of Americans are losing their jobs and their homes."

AP (1/19/09) — "Standing in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial, US president-elect Barack Obama called on Sunday for a new spirit of national sacrifice to overcome war and economic crisis."

AP (2/23/09) WASHINGTON – "After an evening of black tie grandeur at the White House, governors planned to return Monday morning for a business meeting with President Barack Obama to discuss how to spend the economic stimulus money
[taxpayers' dollars or electronically created funny-money] soon flowing to their states."

For the Ruling Elite:  Black Tie Grandeur
For the Minions:  Sacrifice

Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.  Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.  ~Psalm 2:10, 11

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