Sunday, December 27, 2009

She's Gonna Weave

Having stuffed our humble home with mountains (okay, foothills) of fabric and yarn, it seems fitting that I do something to diminish the burgeoning stashes.  I don't knit all that fast, and I seem lately to be allergic to the sewing machine.  So I'm planning to weave.  I'm excited by the prospect and would have opened an Etsy shop by now, but common sense popped up out of nowhere, staying my flying internet fingers, and I'm going to learn first whether or not I can crank out anything more aesthetically pleasing than a clown's nap-mat.  There may just not be that many clowns feeling sleepy, so I shouldn't bother Etsy just yet.  Who is Etsy anyway?  Betsy-Wetsy's younger sister?

So on the heels of the hours of online studying which ate several of my recent days and turned my eyes a lovely, pastel pink, and having said, "Yes, I'm sure you can!" the necessary number of times, my Charles(not) and Son4 have made me a peg loom.  I won't unveil the finished product yet, because A) the stain is still curing so it's unassembled, and B) I want to wait until the first of the year.  But here are the bits:

If you're a US citizen and not all about looms, you might be asking, "What on earth?"  If, however, you're all about looms or live in the UK, this will have looked quite like the bits of a peg loom ... which is not a frame loom, erroneously called a peg loom by some in the US.  Or never mind and whatever.  That's my peg loom, and I'm stickin' to my story.  A couple of pegged frame looms are in my very near future.

That's all.  So I'll weave now.  "Oh?  Where are you going?" ← Newest joke around here.

Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice, ye righteous: and shout for joy, all ye that are upright in heart.  ~Psalm 32:11


Son3 said...

I asked her what one does with a peg loom, and she said, "Weave!"

So I weft.

Annie T. said...

OHHhhhh!!! I get it! "Weave." Like, "I'm going to 'weave' the room now." Or, "I'm 'weaving' on a jet pwane." Yeah, I get it now! 8)

CarolineNot said...

You're funny -- both of you. *pfft*