Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Name That HenNot

top right frame

This is not a hen. I ordered and paid the premium price [what, a handful of pennies, so we're not going to get bent all out of shape about this] for pullets. This guy was a cockerel. But he gets to stay. He's staying because he's so handsome, and because he invites himself into the yard.

How do I know he's a HenNot? He crows. See. He's crowing:

Since he's staying, he needs a name. Help me name him. If you've been lurking here, it's time to crawl out of the coop and make your presence known. Now take a good look at him, so you can give him a right proper name.

That was his left side. You need to see his right side too, if you're going to create a fitting moniker. Look him over and think about all those feathers. Think about his beak and his green legs. Think about his chicken toes.

Do you need a closer look? Take a closer look if that'll help. He has nostrils and a chicken beard.

Gaze deeply into his eye. Know him. Know him really well.

(Okay, that one was just a test of McSpazzy's gag reflex. How you doin' over there, Loo? You holdin' up okay? Need a bowl? Have anyone nearby to hold your forehead?)

Now let your imagination roam through the feathers and straw and scratch grains and insects and chicken ooppay, and leave suggestions in the comments box. You don't need a blogger ID to comment, because I turned off that feature long ago. And if you leave a suggestion, then wake in the middle of the night with a perfecter name, rush to your computer and post that one too. I'm counting on you.

Only fear the Lord, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you. 1 Samuel 12:24


Annie said...

How 'bout Z-Z Top...or just ZeeZee for short? You the bearded group that sings "Sharp Dressed Man"....'Top hat, top coat....every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed ma-an.' (OK, I may be emailing in the middle of the night.)

Cousin Annie

Rikki said...

Obviously, he's an Elvis.

zoomer1 said...

I can't believe it. He's Sweetheart's twin! Remember Sweetheart, the pullet that turned out to be a rooster? The rooster that is so tame and gentle that he got to stay? Do you suppose they are twins separated at birth/hatch?

~CarolineNot said...
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Mrs. Piecrust said...

The name Archibald came to mind. I looked it up: French and German origin, means bold, brave, genuine. You could call him Archie for short.

Red Deere said...

Flavian, von Bl├╝cher or Spartacus.

Lacey said...

I was going to say Elvis! :)
Mike Cluckabee
Colonel Sanders

Aaron said...

Conan the Feathered
Dinner (but he doesn't *really* like that name)

Lacey said...

Conan the BarbedBaron

Lacey said...

G.I. Crow
Gee I. Crow

Aaron said...

Conan the Barbed Librarian

Cousin Annie said...


Charles said...

Colonel McNuggets