Saturday, April 4, 2009

Memory Game

Still certain I rarely have an original thought, I may be the last person on earth to think of making a memory game for a SugarPlum, but think of it I did.  I'm not too humble — falsely or otherwise — to admit being pretty stinking pleased with myself.  [insert *eye-roll* here]

I sized photos identically, printed them on card stock, laminated (front and back) with Contact brand laminating paper, and cut apart.  I chose a dozen photos, themed "Poppie's & Nana's House," printing pairs of each, making 24 cards total: two CowNots, one chicken, Pierre, Purrle, Ruger, Uncle Son3, Uncle Son4, Poppie, Nana, and two shots of SugarPlum visiting.

If our Wal*Mart carried a pleasing array of Contact papers, the backs would have been decorated.  Our Wal*Mart doesn't carry a pleasing array, and only the chicken print pleased me.  The pattern repeat would have made it possible to identify cards by the types and placements of the chickens on the backs, so I left the aisle disgruntled, and the deck wasn't so very intriguing from the backside, being all nekked cardstock.  I may have to mail-order some Contact paper, because I enjoyed this little exercise in creativity and would like to create more games.  Theme possibilities are endless.

If you have some sugarplums, you might consider cranking out some memory games.

Why, I think that little plum still has some
garden dirt beneath her snout.

Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee.  ~Proverbs 9:8

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SmileyGiggles said...

SugarPlum is one of the cutest little girls!! How thankful you must be to be her nana! ~Thoothie Woothie